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We raise it in Broward And Give it in Broward 

Thank you for visiting the 1000+ Club to Benefit Cancer, Inc. website. Here you can learn more about our volunteer activities to raise awareness for cancer research, education, and patient services in Broward County. Cancer has touched all our lives, either personally, or in the life of someone we know. The 1000+ Club continues to combat this disease through our fundraising initiatives. We raise it in Broward and give it in Broward that is our motto! The monies are awarded through annual grants to deserving 501(c)(3) non-profit cancer organizations. We are your local community charity.

We extend a heart-felt invitation to you to attend any or all of our events this season. We welcome you to help us make a difference near your home.

As you take a journey through our website, and get to know our history and accomplishments, we invite you to become a member of the 1000+ Club to Benefit Cancer, Inc., to join us in the fight against cancer. Your membership and participation will help us to continue to improve the lives of many Broward cancer patients and their families.

Please continue to visit our website and Facebook page. We welcome you and look forward to having you join us this year.


Jennifer Tallow

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide funding to selected 501(c)(3) Broward County cancer organization(s) though fundraising events, membership, and contributions to support cancer education and cancer patient services.

About Us

In 1978, the 1000+ Plus Club (now known as the 1000+ Club to Benefit Cancer, Inc. a/k/a 1000+ Club) was organized in Broward County, Florida as a support group to address cancer. The organization became a 501(c)(3) corporation in 2009, and is now known as the 1000+ Club to Benefit Cancer, Inc., a/k/a/ 1000+ Club.

Since 2011 dedicated and diligent volunteer members have awarded over $460,000 through fundraisers, dues, and sponsorships to assist programs and services that have made a significant difference in the lives of many cancer patients and their families.

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Grant Recipients

Charitable Giving Grant Presentation

Through its various fundraising events and membership contributions over the year, the 1000+ Club to Benefit Cancer, Inc. is very proud to provide monies raised on projects that would provide direct benefit to our Broward County community. Our fight against cancer is working because our corporate mission helps aid in our efforts to eradicate it.

2015 Charitable Giving Grantees:


PADS project (Pain & Anxiety Distraction System)
Allowing young cancer patients at Pediatric oncology center to play video games in 3D while undergoing their chemo treatment, thus minimizing pain and anxiety.


Partnership in Breast Health Program
Screening and treatment for underserved women in our community


Hired Michelle Bernstein to create new menus for better tasting foods.
Stroking “Nutmeg”, a therapy dog, to comfort scared or lonely children.
“Lotsy Dotsy”, hospital clown to tell jokes, play games, and relax both children and their parents with laughter.


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